Leading with Examples

When you’re embarking on a Passive House project, it can help to have some examples to look through. Our Passive House Case Study Library contains examples from all over the country, organized by climate zone, to give you an idea of what’s possible with Passive House.

Looking for examples with even more detail? Check out our Project Documentation Library.

If you have a Passive House project that you’d like to add to our library, fill out this form and email [email protected].

Climate Zone 3c | Warm

17 Mile Haus

Pebble Beach, CA

A nod to Monterey Modernism, 17 Mile Haus has all the Passive House essentials. You might remember it from our PHribbon Case Study last May.

Climate Zone 4a | Warm-Temperate

Java Haus

Brooklyn, NY

This is a renovation, reconfiguration, and vertical extension of a single-family 3-story framed house, built to meet the highest performance energy standards.

Pine Street Passive House

Philadelphia, PA

This project is a Passive House retrofit of a historic 4 unit residential rowhouse apartment.

Climate Zone 4c | Warm-Temperate

Portland Retrofit

Portland, Oregon

This 12-year old house was retrofitted to Passive House standard, cutting air leakage throughout the house by over 80%.

Climate Zone 5a | Warm-Temperate

Forest Haus

Boulder, CO

Forest Haus is the first certified Passive House in the City of Boulder. The project is designed to demonstrate that a beautiful home can be highly energy efficient and comfortable.

Climate Zone 5b | Warm-Temperate

Sunflower Sanctuary

Sunflower Passive

Louisville, CO

This Passive House design optimizes a small, sloping lot for light, privacy, views, and comfort. Created for a family who lost their home in the Marshall Fire, the design uses active and passive solar, expansive triple-pane windows with expansive southern views, an airtight envelope and energy recovery ventilation to meet Passive House standards.

Build Back Better Rebuild

Boulder, CO

This home was damaged by the Marshall fire but not fully destroyed. Due to intense smoke infiltration the home was taken down to the foundation. The home is being built back up from the existing foundation.

Millhaus Passive

Fort Collins, CO

Millhaus takes its name from the former Cherry Mill property upon which it is located and from the Passive “Haus” building principles to which it subscribes.

Climate Zone 6a | Cool-Temperate

Tree House

Holderness, NH

This project is a rural lake-front cabin and is the first certified Passive House in New Hampshire. This small house is a metaphorical box of trees carved into the forest next to Squam Lake.

PH in the Woods

Hudson, WI

Passive House in the Woods is the first certified Passive House project in Wisconsin. Completed in 2010, it delivers monitored net-zero performance for all energy consumed on site.