Building Electrification: A Passive House Symposium

Join us July 25th at Noon ET online for an in-depth look at why and how Passive House makes “electrify everything” work.

CPHD Course Kicks Off July 18th!

Certified Passive House Designer Training. Accessible. Affordable. Get started today.

CPHD Course Kicks Off July 18th!

Certified Passive House Designer Training. Accessible. Affordable. Get started today.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2011, we are a national 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides education and community to professionals across the US building industry. We’re focused on the rapid implementation of Passive House building standards to robustly address our climate and social justice crises.

We work with global knowledge networks, in affiliation with the Passive House Institute. We’re all about showing that if we work together, we can build a better world.

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Training Financial Incentives

50 to 100% reimbursement is available in support of CPHD, CPHT and specialized training in some areas, as well as the PHN Fellowship in support of Black professionals.

Introduction to
Passive House

1-Hour on-demand, Live-online
Case Studies & more options.

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The on-demand courses meet you where you are on your Passive House pathway, and provide easy next steps.

The Passive House Difference

Most buildings, even “green” buildings, are uncomfortable, use too much energy, provide poor indoor air quality, and are expensive to operate. The building industry is generally confused about what drives performance. We demystify the impact of design and construction choices, raise expectations, and transform how you think and work.

We offer introductory, core certification and advanced courses to help you take next steps in making your next building a climate solution. Become a member and participate with our expert network through regional chapters and national events.

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Member Directory

A list of PHN members, listing professions and credentials.

Component &
Services Directory

Find manufacturers and professionals that supply the high quality Passive House demands.

The PHN Video

A repository of all public facing PHN video resources and organized by focus.


Policies that Moved Passive House in 2022 is a recap of the beset PH policy moves we supported across the US

Frequently Asked Questions

From professionals to owners & developers, get your first questions answered. Downloadable too.

Building Certifiers

The North American Certifiers Circle (NACC) is a group of organizations actively certifying buildings to the international Passive House Standard.

The PHribbon

by AECB CarbonLite TM

A PHPP plug-in that allows Passive House designers to calculate total cradle-to-grave building carbon emissions, for building located in the US.

Case Studies

Star Garment Factory

The Star Garment Factory, located in Sri Lanka, achieved the EnerPHit Certification as a pilot project. Given the hot and humid climate, and equipment heavy usage, this project demonstrated the flexibility and effectiveness of Passive House standards in addressing diverse uses and climates.

Good Energy Haus

The Good Energy Haus, located in Minneapolis MN, is a master class in single-family home design integration.

Carrick Library

The Carrick Library, in Pittsburgh PA, is the first Passive House Certified public library in the US.

Winthrop Center

The Winthrop Center, located in Boston MA, will be the largest Passive House Certified Passive House office building in the world.

What Our Students & Members Say

“I found the overall experience of the course offered by the Passive House Network to be interesting and informative. 10/10 would sit through this experience again.”

Carolina Recart


I have completed graduate work and other certifications from institutions like Harvard and Columbia University. I found the course material, the delivery platform and the exam support on par with the best and often superior. An expansive and complex knowledge base was well-documented, presented and supported throughout the program. Highly recommend!

David Komet


Frequently Asked Questions

Passive House works in all climates, from arctic cold to the hot and humid tropics
Yes! A Passive House building can be a school, office, or apartment building. Even supermarkets, hospitals, and factories are certified Passive House buildings.
Yes! EnerPHit is the Passive House retrofit standard and has flexible pathways to address conditions unique to existing buildings.
Invest in Passive House efficiency first – drive down the demand for energy and achieve all the benefits for the occupants, ownership, and environment. Then the investment in renewables is much more flexible and less expensive.
Key personnel from ownership to architects, engineers, and contractors should have Passive House training to support design & cost optimization, and quality control.