Become a member of The Passive House Network and join a community of people committed to environmental, health, and social action – a community committed to changing our building culture and effectively transforming our built environment into a climate emergency solution.

It is an open and generous community. Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is the critical catalyst of systems change and as a member, you have unpreceded access to knowledge-sharing opportunities. No matter your skill level or background, we need everyone who believes in this struggle to join us.

  • Student (with a valid ID)
  • Emerging (people under 30 years old)
  • Professional (people 30 and older)

All members receive the same benefits – and include:

Choose the PHN membership that fits you.

In supporting PHN, also consider sponsorship, which provides greater benefits, including multiple memberships. Sponsorship levels start at $750/12 months.

Individual membership without requirements.
Individual must be under the age of 30 years
Students currently enrolled in an academic program

*All memberships are valid for 1 year from the confirmed date of sign-up and will renew automatically. For inquiries please contact us at [email protected]