NAPHN18 was co-hosted by Passive House Western Pennsylvania and occurred October 17th-21st, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

North America’s Passive House community convened in a hotspot of Passive House design and construction: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thanks to a strong professional base, innovative governmental policy supporting Passive House, and a community of forward-thinking developers and housing agencies, Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest concentrations of major Passive House and other deep green development on the continent.

NAPHN18 Conference & Expo Presentations

We are pleased to be able to make all the presentations available for your viewing.

Health and Wellness
Resiliency to Power Outages in Remote Communities in Very cold Climates – Jeanie Chan, Andrea Frisque, and Innes Hood
RESET NAPHN 2018 – Craig Stevenson
High Humidity in winter: Analyzing Multi-Family Passive House Projects – Hugh Crowther
Is Polyurethane Insulation Really That Bad – Gary Gardner
NAPHN 2018 West Vancouver Passive House Presentation – James Dean, Stuart Hood & Marcel Studer
Healthy Kitchen Ventilation, Best Practices in Low E Homes – Tom Phillips
Environmental Injustice and Air Pollution – Harold Rickenbacker and Melissa Bilec
Radon Emissions from Common Building Materials: Risks, Prevention and Mitigation for Passive Houses – Christina Snyder
Beyond Dilution: Reducing Exposure to Particle Pollution in High Performance Homes – Linda Wigington

Pushing Two Envelopes: Integrating Passive House Practice with Prefabrication – Bronwyn Barry, Chris Carson, Tad Everhart, Paul Grahovac, and Jonah Standford
Passive House Design for Commercial Offices: Scaling Up, Design Tools, Overheating, and a Client’s Motivation – Andy Chong and Mark Bernhardt
BIM & PHPP Integration – Kelly Fisher
New Guide for Modeling Passive House Windows – Melissa Furukawa
Charting New Territory in Passive House: Vancouver Fire Hall No. 17 – Melissa Higgs and Scott Ghomeshi
Charting New Territory in Passive House: Clayton Community Center – Melissa Higgs and Joe Quad
Large Building Airtightness Testing Case Studies – Rob Hosken
Optimization Techniques for PHPP – Irwin
How Passive House Performs Across BREEAM, LEED, and WELL Building and Reduce the Performance Gap – Tiffany Lewins
Air Tightness Testing in Multifamily Passive House Buildings – Adam Romano
Reimagining Carbon: the Future of High Performance Materials – Richard Skorpenske
Insulated and Conditioned Basements as a Passive Cooling Strategy in Climate Zone 5 Pittsburgh – Michael Whartnaby

Large Buildings
PH University of Toronto, Scarborough’s 750-bed Student Residence – Deborah A. Byrne
Large Scale Passive Houses: Applying Lessons Learned – Deborah Moelis and Lois Arena
Scaling New Heights: Passive House at Scale – James Woodall

Lessons from an EnerPHit Industrial Building in Sri Lanka – Lois Arena and Jordan Parnass
Innovative to Education: Early Learning Center Goes Passive in an Historic District – Anne Bannon, P. Andrew Collins and James Wagman
Hybrid Ware/House: Italian Market Passive House – Laura Blau
Reaching for the Stars: Inside the Workings of a RetrofitNY Team – Jordan Dentz and Christa Waring
EnerPHit: Phased but Unfazed – Tad Everhart
Passive House Retrofits, Essential Lessons and Game Changing Realities – Michael Ingui
EnerPHit Retrofit of a Derelict Multi-family Building – Cameron Laidlaw
Local Lessons Learned: Two Big Affordable Housing Retrofits in Pittsburgh – Laura Nettleton, Rebecca Griffith and Phillip Ford
Panel Masonry Retrofit Discussion – Paul Thompson, Laura Blau, Michael Ingui and Laura Nettleton

Social Equity and Inclusion
Passive House for All-Affordable Housing Project as a Tool for Social Equity – Deborah A. Byrne, Alice Gibson and Kelly Fisher
Ultra-Efficient Housing: The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Strategy – Tim Eian and Stephan Tanner
PHFA Work and Experiences – Stan Salwocki
Hot & Humid Climate Challenges for Multifamily Affordable Buildings: Puerto Madero Project – Andrew Straus and Enrique Bueno

Solutions Using Passive House
S, M, L, XL Many Sizes, Different Challenges – Deborah A. Byrne and Jonathan Kearns
West Vancouver Passive House – James Dean, Stuart Hood and Marcel Studer
Passive House and Off-Grid Locations: A Match Made in Heaven – Chris Doel, Derek Newby and Cillian Collins
Valleyview Town Hall Ultra Low Energy Building – Oscar Flechas
Wood Innovation Research Lab at the University of Northern British Columbia – Andrea Frisque, Ray Wolfe, Guido Wimmers and Keith Bate
Certified Passive House Details for Commercial Buildings – Alejandra Nieto and Todd Kimmel
Passive House Child Cares Made Easy – Mary On and Adam James
Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making – Andrew Peel
Air Tightness Requirements of the PH Standard – Scott Pusey and Mike O’Donnell
Madison Haus – Tessa Smith
Midtown Passive House – Nathan St. Germain