“The adoption of the Passive House standard across North America over the past decade has not been uniform, linear nor without challenges, but its uptake is now accelerating rapidly. When the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) looked closely at where the most activity and adoption was happening, it was surprising to find no alignment with where certification was readily available, nor with climates or regions where Passive House was easier or cheaper to build. What we found was that the Passive House ‘bright spots’ aligned directly with locations where policymakers and practitioners were actively cooperating and collaborating.” from the NAPHN Policy Resource Guide, 2019


Beginning in 2011, NAPHN has worked with policymakers, educators and advocates to deepen the familiarity, accessibility and impact of the Passive House Standard and methodology. From New York City to Vancouver, the United Nations and Brussels, there is a growing body of studies, initiatives and experiences, shared and built upon the synergistic energy of those pushing our industry toward our zero-carbon future. Our Policymaker resources collects some of the most significant efforts in one place for easy reference.

Resource Collections:

NAPHN 2019 Policy Resource Guide & Roundtables

In 2019 NAPHN brought into public, as a feature of the 2019 annual conference, its ongoing public policy efforts in a Policy Resource Guide and a series of open Policymaker Roundtables. The guide and discussions help crystalize a clearer vision of all that was going on and energize connectivity and knowledge sharing in support of transformational efforts across the US and North America.


Passive House Policy Resource Guide

Policy Roundtables