In 2015 New York Passive House published the Developers Guide to Certified Multifamily Passive House Buildings – as an easily accessible outline of certification protocols for the Passive House Standard. Subsequently Passive House Canada adapted and expanded the guide – see the Canadian version here. NAPHN is updating the guide and look forward to releasing a new US-focused version in 2021. Until then, please download the guide here.

Also, we are glad to offer the third edition of the International Passive House Association’s Active for more comfort: Passive House, released in 2018 – providing a comprehensive introductory look at Passive House buildings for developers, contractors and others. Download the brochure here.

A Developers Guide to Passive House
Active for more comfort - Passive House

If your development team is considering Passive House, be sure to take the NAPHN Introductory Courses and even the CPHD Certified Designer training. They are important steps on the pathway to success.