PHN is uniquely positioned in the US market due to three key factors:

  • Clear guideposts: PHN’s Passive House education provides clarity, focus, and a powerful counterintuitive message that reorients stakeholders and makes the pathway forward to our zero-carbon future clear.
  • Scientific rigor: PHN’s work is based on rigorous scientific research in high-performance building, conducted for over 25 years by the Passive House Institute.
  • Global networks: PHN is a peer-to-peer national knowledge-sharing network, and a leader in a Passive House community that spans the globe.

Clear Guideposts

Most buildings – even “green” buildings – use too much energy, provide poor and unreliable indoor air quality, are not safe in black-outs, and are expensive to operate and maintain. The building industry is generally illiterate when it comes to understanding what drives performance, and don’t rigorously connect design and construction choices with climate, health, and social outcomes. To complicate things, the corrective steps proposed suffer from low expectations. All involved hedge, impaired by bad habits and confusion.

Teams count on technology fixes like renewable power production, to compensate for their building’s poor performance. They don’t understand their own power to support solutions. The unintended consequences are massive resource waste and lost opportunities. PHN is a high-performance building literacy program. We demystify the impact of design and construction choices, provide clear guideposts, raise expectations, and transform how industry stakeholders fundamentally think and work.

PHN provides the premier in the US – at all experience levels and across all platforms.

Scientific Rigor

The Passive House Standard and methodology were developed by the Passive House Institute, based in Darmstadt, Germany, with the critical insight that to align the goals of efficiency, health, comfort, and affordability; high quality and best practices are essential.

To ensure high quality, scientific research is ongoing. The research, testing, and evaluations conducted to provide the basis for certified professionals, components, and buildings. The scientific method is at the heart of this humanist enterprise.

Global Networks

PHN’s work with leading cities like Brussels, New York, and Vancouver, or with organizations like the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, demonstrate the power of our global interconnections. Too often what is outside one’s jurisdiction is ignored. At PHN we actively pull diverse peer stakeholders together, assured in the knowledge that they will learn the most from each other. Whether from New Zealand, Australia, UK or Greece, Italy, or China – the Passive House Institute and PHN work to leverage the global institutional knowledge for the benefit of all peoples.


PHN uniquely delivers unparalleled Passive House education and global knowledge sharing, in partnership with the Passive House Institute. We support high-quality buildings for all people.