Organized globally by the International Passive House Association, the International Passive House Open Days are a great opportunity to learn about Passive House buildings of all kinds, around the US and the world. Get in contact with current owners, tour the project, and learn first-hand what it is like to live and work in a Passive House and what the building or retrofitting process is like. Some will have professionals on hand with the knowledge and tools to explain the technical details of Passive House projects.

Participate as a Project Host:

email us at [email protected]

Our basic guidelines:

  • Dates, times and duration of open house, over the three days, is/are, at the discretion of the owners.
  • The project can be under construction.
  • Certification is not required, but a plus.
  • A calculated PHPP is required.
  • Tours led by someone willing to tell the story of the work (owner, architect, builder, consultant etc…) and speak to the process, systems and components, to their best ability.
  • Provide dates, times, and location of open house, with pictures and basic description, to PHN for publicity.
  • Preferably hosts set up an Eventbrite to track registrations.
  • Attendance should be free.

Thank you PHN Partners for helping make this event possible.

Check back. More listings coming soon!

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Passive House

Nov 11, 1-4PM

1609 8th Street

This single family residence with attached garage is Passive House and LEED Platinum certified.

Pebble Beach, CA

17 Mile Haus

Nov 12, Noon-5PM

2821 Seventeen Mile Drive

A nod to Monterey Modernism, 17 Mile Haus has all the Passive House essentials. You might remember it from our PHribbon Case Study last May.

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Passive House

Nov 10 & 11, 10AM-4PM

643 55th Street

This open house will have professionals on hand with the knowledge and tools to explain the technical details of Passive House projects. The Sacramento Passive House has the foundation poured and will include a wall mockup to explain what is being built.

Boulder, CO

Forest Haus

Nov 10, Noon-2PM & Nov 11, 2-4PM

1840 Forest Avenue

Forest Haus is the first certified Passive House in the City of Boulder. The project is designed to demonstrate that a beautiful home can be highly energy efficient and comfortable.

Boulder, CO

Marshall Fire—Build Back Better, Paragon Drive

Nov 10, Noon-3PM & Nov 12, 9AM-Noon

866 Paragon Drive

This home was damaged by the Marshall fire but not fully destroyed. Due to intense smoke infiltration the home was taken down to the foundation. The home is being built back up from the existing foundation.

Fort Collins, CO

Wild Emu Passive Design/Build Happy Hour

Nov 10, 4-6PM

800 E Lincoln Ave

Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of International Passive House Open Days #iPHOpenDays on Nov 10th! Come hang with us and our local friendlies: CGBG, Green Drinks, CRES, PHRM and City of FoCo. Meet the growing community of CPHTs and other certified Passive House professionals in Northern Colorado. Both @Emumariana AND our new Training Program Administrator, EmuRobin, will be there!

Fort Collins, CO

937 Cub Court by Black Timber Builders

Nov 11, 1-3PM

8313 S County Road 13

This home is one of multiple Emu Pilot projects by Black Timber Builders, located in the Donath Lake development.

Fort Collins, CO

Millhaus Passive

Nov 11, 10AM-Noon

3070 Terry Lake Road

Millhaus takes its name from the former Cherry Mill property upon which it is located and from the Passive “Haus” building principles to which it subscribes.

Grand Junction, CO

Phoenix Haus H7|30

Nov 10 & 11, 10AM-2PM

1970 Broadway

A visionary take on modern living, Phoenix Haus H7|30 takes the multi-use and transformable elements of our smaller footprint designs and incorporates them into one pristine, inviting, 3,000 sq. ft. escape from the outside world’s noise.

Louisville, CO

Sunflower Passive

Sunflower Sanctuary

Nov 12, 10AM-Noon

947 Sunflower Street

This Passive House design optimizes a small, sloping lot for light, privacy, views, and comfort. Created for a family who lost their home in the Marshall Fire, the design uses active and passive solar, expansive triple-pane windows with expansive southern views, an airtight envelope and energy recovery ventilation to meet Passive House standards.

Salida, CO

DeLarue Riverside

Nov 10, 9AM-Noon

7598 W Highway 50

A Passive House in progress in Salida, Colorado.

Salida, CO

Bieganek Residence

Nov 10, 9AM-Noon

7373 Martha’s Lane

Check back for more information soon!

New Millford, CT

CT-3 Passive House

Nov 11, 10AM-2PM

38 Barker Road

One-story floating box Passive house. The house is hovering over an outcrop of rocks that is not touching the ground. It is very modern, with large windows facing the southern view. From the inside, it evokes the feeling of floating between the trees. Check back for more info soon!

Boston, MA

Winthrop Center

Nov 10, 9-10:30AM

115 Federal Street

Designed in partnership with MIT professors and recently certified, Winthrop Center is the largest Passive House office building in the world.

Livingston, MT

Karon Residence EnerPHit

Online Live Walkthrough, Nov 12, 1-2PM

This event will offer a live, online walk-through from 1-2pm. More details coming soon. If you are near Livingston, MT, and want to visit it in person, it will be open from 1-2pm Saturday Nov 11th.

Freeport, ME

Wolfe’s Neck

Nov 10, 10-11:30AM

184 Burnett Road

Wolfe’s Neck is a 8000SF event and education center with a main meeting area, full, all-electric commercial kitchen, and four classroom spaces. Situated on a working organic dairy farm and education institution. All-wood mass timber and wood fiber insulation structure.

Charlotte, NC

Folger Residence

Nov 10, 11 & 12, 1-3PM

6969 Folger Drive

This is an Emu Pilot Project located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Brooklyn, NY

Ditmas Park Passive House

Nov 11, 2-4PM

476 E 18th Street

This 1901 Colonial Revival house renovation by Duncan Architect is going for EnerPHit certification.

Brooklyn, NY

Java Haus

Nov 10, 4-6PM

194 Java Street

This is a renovation, reconfiguration, and vertical extension of a single-family 3-story framed house, built to meet the highest performance energy standards. Photo to come.

Brooklyn, NY

475 High Performance Building Supply Happy Hour

Nov 10, 5-7PM

334 Douglass Street

Join the 475 team at their Brooklyn HQ office to celebrate the growing access to Passive House materials and knowledge.

Hudson, NY

The Passive House

Nov 10 & 11, 10-Noon

211 Warren Street

This single family home with a commercial front is a ground-up construction in a historic district.

Livingston Manor, NY

The Catskill Project

Nov 12, 2-4PM

302 Huber Road

Situated on more than 90 acres in New York’s beloved Catskill Mountains with 11 house sites, The Catskill Project is a carbon neutral community.

Rochester, NY

3D Passive House Tour

On Demand

Take a tour wherever you are by clicking through this Rochester Passive House, complete with links to blog posts that will tell you all about the building process.

Portland, OR

Portland Retrofit

Nov 10 & 11, 10AM-5PM, By appointment only

539 SE 59th Court

This 12-year old house was retrofitted to Passive House standard, cutting air leakage throughout the house by over 80%. Email to schedule an appointment.