Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Congratulations on being a Certified Passive House Tradesperson! You’re a leader in the Passive House community. However, in order to maintain your certification and ensure that you’re updated on the latest Passive House has to offer, you must renew your certification every 5 years. There are 2 ways to renew your certification status:

  • Earn further education credit points
  • Work on a certified Passive House

Earn further credit points to renew the certificate

Vis­it Pass­ive House rel­ev­ant courses and events, or en­gage in Pass­ive House teach­ing act­iv­it­ies to col­lect fur­ther train­ing cred­it points (CPs). 30 CPs must be achieved al­to­geth­er to renew your trades­per­son certificate; 20 CPs at the most may be ob­tained in one of the pos­sible areas (teach­ing, events or ad­vanced train­ing courses).

Work on a certified Passive House and document it

Re­new your Pass­ive House Trades­per­son cer­ti­fic­ate by doc­u­ment­ing your work on a highly en­ergy ef­fi­cient build­ing or a cer­ti­fied Pass­ive House pro­ject. This work must meet some tech­nic­al re­quire­ments, which will de­pend on the trade dis­cip­line, as well as on the loc­a­tion and cli­mate of the build­ing.

If the build­ing has not been cer­ti­fied by the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te, please make sure that the en­ergy-rel­ev­ant cri­ter­ia for your trade dis­cip­line work have been achieved. Be­cause these cri­ter­ia are spe­cif­ic to the trade dis­cip­line, your con­struc­tion work does not have to be car­ried out in a Pass­ive House build­ing.

For more information about renewing your Tradesperson certificate visit the PHI website here.

All the Certified Tradespersons may be found here.


How often do I need to renew my certification?

Every 5 Years.

How many credit points do I need for Tradesperson certificate renewal?

30 CPs must be achieved al­to­geth­er to re­new your trades­per­son cer­ti­fic­ate; 20 CPs at the most may be ob­tained in one of the pos­sible areas (teach­ing, events or ad­vanced train­ing courses).

Can I obtain continuing education credits at the NAPHN Conferences?

NAPHN Conferences are a great opportunity to receive continuing education credits.

Does NAPHN report my credits or do I?

All continuing education credits are self-reported by the student to PHI. For NAPHN events and conferences, NAPHN will provide certificates of attendance for students on request.

Who certifies Passive House projects?

Passive House Institute is the only entity that certifies projects. NAPHN does not certify.

How do I submit my Tradesperson certificate renewal through credit points to PHI?

Fill out this document and submit to PHI.

  • If you attend an event or advanced training fill in the event ID number which can be found on the list of ap­proved courses/events. One learning unit (45 minutes) equates 1 CP. Be sure to attach the respective confirmations of participation.
  • If you gave a course please fill in this form.

Where can I find approved classes or events for Tradesperson certificate renewal?

You can search for qualified classes/ events here.

How do I submit my Tradesperson certificate renewal by documenting my work on a certified Passive House?

Learn more about documenting a project for Tradesperson certificate renewal here.

My certificate has already expired or is about to expire, what can I do?

By submitting a project documentation, it is possible to renew a certificate at any time, even if your certificate has already expired some time ago. Learn more here.

Is there a fee to renew my certification?

The Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te will check your ap­plic­a­tion for a cer­tain fee and after suc­cess­ful re­new­al of the cer­ti­fic­ate, send the cer­ti­fic­ate in di­git­al form via email.