Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is a superpower of the Passive House community. It is a generous community and we work hard to cultivate this fellowship with membership, regional chapters, and global participation. Attend the PHN conference, open houses, meet others and grow together.

The Passive House Network community is expansive, comprised of individuals, companies  and organizations from across the US and around the world, committed to making a sustainable future.

It’s about changing conversations, and expectations. It’s about changing the culture. We encourage everyone to get involved.

The Passive House Network Regional Chapters

Currently, PHN has seven chapters, six regionally based and a seventh, Passive House America, for those members that fall outside of the six regions. When you register as a member also choose which chapter you’d like to be a member of. And if you’re interested in starting a chapter in your area, let us know.

Community Pathways

Find your path in participation.


Join a regional chapter of your choice and the International Passive House Association. Membership offers benefits from discounts to recognition and puts you in the company of others driving industry transformation. Student, Emerging Professional and Individual levels make it affordable.


Because, like PHN, your company is committed to high quality and a wide range of sustainability goals including electrification, decarbonization and social justice, we welcome your partnership and support. Passive House is growing rapidly but we’re just getting started. Let’s build a better world.

Partnership Allies

Building a sustainable future means tackling a great array of objectives, that no one organization can deliver on. We embrace this fact and look to complimentary efforts and organizations to work in alliance. If your group is focused on issues like climate change, public health, and racism, we want to work with you.


We love students. Students, as they say, are the future. We work through Passive House for Everyone in primary schools, and our courses can be found in colleges. We have a special super discounted student membership that provides all the benefits of professional membership.


To help increase Black architect and engineer participation in the Passive House sector, PHN has established the PHN Passive House Education Fellowship. The education fellowship is composed of a 50% discount on the CPHD course and mentorship.


As a non-profit we rely on the efforts of volunteers. You can volunteer to be on a national committee, an annual conference committee, or help with event production and promotion generally. Find a way to contribute that you’re comfortable with.