Professional certification is a core activity of the Passive House Institute (PHI). To ensure professionals have good Passive House knowledge, certifications have been established for architects and engineers – the designers or planners, with the Certified Designer (or Consultant) designation. And then a designation for builders, contractors, and tradespeople are provided with the Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

You can achieve the designation either by passing a rigorous examination or by completing a Passive House building. In either case, it is recommended that professionals and builders working on Passive House buildings take the respective training courses – to ensure a solid introduction to the fundamentals of Passive House and a better likelihood of succeeding on the exam or in the building construction.


See video below where Susanne Winkel, the head of professional certifications at the Passive House Institute provides an overview of the options and the process of continuing education.


Continuing Education for Certified Passive House Designers: Find out more here.

Continuing Education for Certified Passive House Tradespeople: Find out more here.