As part of last summer’s Passive House 2020: Choose Your Future, in a series of Passive House owner roundtable discussions, owners shared how they think about Passive House, what’s involved in the process of taking on something like Passive House, and then what choices and decisions they made along the way. 

The eBook is a distillation of that discussion, jamb-packed with insights from the owners and the audience.

During this second session, Owner’s Roundtable #2: How Owners’ Do it. Making Passive House Good Business, five panelists explored how owners go from concept to implementation and talk about the process of going through design, construction, and commissioning on a Passive House project. In this conversation, building developers shared their successes and challenges while the audience chimed in to share their own experiences and perspectives.

It’s a great read.


Stay tuned. One more eBook is on the way.