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Join NAPHN and NYPH on July 31st from 9am-12pm at Building Energy Exchange for Passive House Ventilation: Fundamentals and Lessons Learned. The event will discuss energy efficient ventilation as a key component of every Passive House project. Application of energy recovery ventilation in multifamily residential projects is the new norm. To date, however, few projects have actually been commissioned.

Learn more about the basics of energy recovery ventilation in Passive House projects and crucial lessons learned from the recently commissioned Hanac Corona project in Queens. Hear perspectives from both the manufacturer and the Passive House Consultant. Understanding and controlling energy efficiency ventilation impacts our built environment can help reduce building carbon footprint. Join us and discover new lessons to be applied to your projects.


Mike WoolseySwegon, CPHD. Mike first became interested in building energy use during the oil embargo of the 1970s. Curiosity in building systems led to a career in the HVAC industry that launched in 1985, while completing his BSME degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Now a Certified Passive House Designer, Mike specializes in product and system applications, market management and business development, Mike has presented hundreds of seminars across North America and is currently serving as Business Development Manager in the Commercial Ventilation group of Swegon North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swegon AB, with 1500 employees and sales of over US$500M worldwide.

Gahl Sorkin Spanier, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA), CPHT, LEED AP. Gahl is the AEA project manager for the HANAC Corona Passive House Project. He works with the design team and owner to assure the project achieves its Passive House and sustainability goals. At AEA he works on maximizing sustainability and energy efficiency in affordable new construction and in Integrated Physical Need Assessment (IPNA) projects. Gahl is a Certified Passive House consultant and tradesperson a LEED AP and holds degrees in architecture and business. Gahl is a founding member of Passive House New Jersey (NJPH).

Adam Romano, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA), C.E.M. CPHC, CPHT. Adam Romano is the Director of Training and Technical Services at the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. Adam manages the operation of AEA’s Energy Management Training Center, and represents AEA on national committees and working groups, developing standards and work specifications for jobs performed by professionals in the energy efficiency industry. He has focused on providing solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges by bringing new technologies, materials, and construction practices to customers seeking to achieve the deepest possible energy savings. Adam has supported the continued growth of the Passive House industry nationally through training and education. In 2010 he designed and provided construction oversight on the first North American Passive House Tradesperson Training Facility. This facility has equipped hundreds of Passive House professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to construct the buildings of tomorrow. Currently Adam is an active board member of New York Passive House, a founding member of Passive House New Jersey, and is certified by the Passive House Institute as a Passive House Consultant and Tradesperson.

This presentation is provided in collaboration with NYPH and is pending accreditation by the AIA for 3 LUs.