With federal policy on climate set to reverse in January and the Paris Climate Agreement hanging on a thread, the struggle to secure a livable future for humanity has taken a hit.

But one significant cause for hope is the nascent clean energy disruption, driven by technology, innovation, and falling prices for renewable energy, battery storage, and electric vehicles.

Because Passivhaus understands that the building itself–its skeleton and skin­–is technology, it too is part of this disruption and can help accelerate our transition to a post-carbon world. Just as innovation in PV technology improves performance, innovation in Passivhaus design and construction drives down energy consumption and building cost, opening the real potential for market transformation in the building sector.

Read our report, “On Buildings, Swans, and the Power of Arithmetic,” (drawing on research by Carbon Tracker Initiative, CitiGPS, AllianceBernstein, and others) to learn more and to understand why we remain optimistic about a future of prosperity and climate security, and the role that buildings will play in achieving that future.