Atlantic Winter 2024 Cohort

Atlantic Winter 2024 Cohort


The Atlantic Passive House Network hybrid Certified Passive House Designer course and PHI certification exam are for Eastern and Central Time Zones professionals.

The on-demand and hybrid formats allow students to leverage the benefits of on-demand & live online training to meet their learning preferences best.
*Exam Date: April 10th.

$500 to 50% to 100% incentives may be available. See incentives.

Starts January 18th


  • 35 AIA LU/HSW credits
  • PHI Exam
  • Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software (individual license)
  • PHPP Course
  • PHribbon Software
  • Complimentary PHN & iPHA Membership for 1 year


The CPHD course is the premier core Passive House professional training for architects, engineers, consultants, developers, policymakers, and more. The course is supported by the 30-year history of global technical leadership of the Passive House Institute.

Depending on your learning preferences, students can adhere to the course schedule recommended with Q&A and Review sessions or complete it more independently with a focus strictly on the on-demand content.

The purpose of the Q&A sessions is to interact and learn from a CPHD practitioner, hear their Passive House journey, ask questions, and connect.

The purpose of the Review sessions is to have an instructor-led review of key concepts and the calculations associated with them for deeper knowledge and necessary understanding for the exam.

No matter your learning style, upon registration, there will be a target exam date assigned to work toward, with an associated mandatory Tech Setup session, approximately 1 week prior.

For the course and exam schedule, download the PDF schedule here.

For more information, download the brochure.

Cohort Details:

  • The hybrid cohort schedule is approximately 8 weeks from kick-off to completion, followed by 4 to 5 weeks of exam prep.
  • Includes registration for the international CPHD/C exam & exam preparations, including practice exams in a test-like platform environment.
  • Upon passing the CPHD/C exam, participants receive certification as either a PH Designer or PH Consultant.

Included in Training:

  • 35 AIA LU/HSW credits & certificate of completion (tied to finishing the on-demand modules and quizzes, not the exam.)
  • On-demand digital course materials.
  • 2 live online instructor-led webinars.
  • 3 Q&A sessions w/ a Passive House practitioners.
  • Supplemental exam preparation material.
  • Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software (individual license), a digital manual, and Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification course access (see below) – plus, PHPPv10-IP Update Sessions.
  • PHribbon embodied carbon calculator PHPP addon.
  • Complimentary PHN & iPHA Membership for 1 year.

CPHD course registrants will now receive access to the Using PHPP in Passive House Design and Certification course that is jointly provided by PHN and Peel Passive House Consulting Ltd. In this course, students will learn how to use the PHPP for residential building design and certification. Participants will be guided step-by-step through the relevant worksheets while learning the correct conventions for measurements and calculations. Proper documentation will also be covered in detail. A case study will provide participants with practical experience in completing and documenting PHPP calculations for building certification.

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