Learning about Passive House is an exciting adventure. You get the feeling that you are peering into the future. Unlike other sustainable building approaches, the fully integrated and focused approach of Passive House education can really change the way you think about buildings. The Passive House education raises expectations and really changes the building culture for those participating. To transform the built environment we need everyone on board. You’re not alone – we hope you enjoy it.

An Introduction to Passive House

Passive House goals and methodology change the way architects and builders think and work, making the architecture itself a driver of climate, health, and social solutions. In this 40-minute video (with bonus content!), NAPHN Executive Director, Ken Levenson, dives into the basic principles, history, and the new frontiers of Passive House as it continues to challenge and change industry expectations.

We also offer this complimentary brochure, to the right, from the International Passive House Association: Active for more comfort: Passive House.

Introduction to Passive House

Introduction to Passive House Trades

Active for more comfort - Passive House

What is Passive House?

The term “Passive House” can mean many things. This short video reveals the embedded meanings and breaks them down.

Passipedia the Global Encyclopedic Passive House Resource

Passipedia is an online encyclopedia of Passive House information curated by the Passive House Institute. In it, you will find important information from the most introductory to advanced. Be warned there is special Member-Only material. Consider becoming a NAPHN Member today to access everything.

The Passive House Database

The Passive House Database has a selection of building from around the world. Note that the buildings listed comprise a small fraction of those completed as this is a voluntary database. Never-the-less, you can find an incredible array of building types, construction types, in wide-ranging climates and of various certification levels. NAPHN Member Directory Listings, contain links to member projects on the database (also voluntary). Consider becoming a NAPHN Member today and connect you to your work and to the public.

The Importance of Certification

Today we see more and more buildings claiming to be Passive House buildings or they are advertised as “being built using Passive House principles” – be sceptical. We see these buildings that are alleging to be Passive House buildings, falling short of owner expectations. So buyer beware. If the building is not certified, is not certified by one of these certifiers, your risk of not meeting your targets, your risk of producing a gap in performance, can go up significantly. Predictability is the key. You can fully optimize the performance and the economics if you have a strong sense of predictability. If you can calculate accurately and execute to a clear plan. To ensure predictable high-quality high-performance buildings the Passive House Institute provides certifications of professionals and builders, critical building components, and buildings. This building certification guide is a good place to start: