Zoning Holiday Designs

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Many California cities have not met State-mandated requirements to allow more housing to be built, so the State has stepped in to allow for ‘Builders Remedy’ solutions. This means typical zoning regulations like density, height and FAR limits are sent on holiday! While local zoning rules are on vacation, owners and infill developers can submit housing solutions constrained only by their imagination, building codes, and CEQA strategy.

With Home3 and YIMBY LAW, we’re celebrating these Zoning Holidays by soliciting concept designs of 5-unit buildings for single-family sized lots, conforming to the Passive House Standard and the CEQA Class 3 exemption, to push California towards a more affordable, sustainable housing future.

We’ll showcase submissions at the Zoning Holiday Party on February 1 in San Francisco, and online after the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to position yourself at the forefront of the new building movement, showcase your work, and gain new clients.

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