A total of 42 Participants from across North America participated in recent trainings hosted by PHCA and NYPH, taught jointly by trainers from the Passive House Institute and the Passive House Academy. Students spent two days learning about the latest updates to the PHPPv.8, how best to navigate the new inputs, account for mechanical equipment and include components for large commercial buildings. PHI was able to receive direct feedback from North American practitioners on how the Passive House Standard is being implemented locally. The two-way dialog was invigorating for all. We were grateful for the cooperation of the Association for Energy Affordability, which allowed us the use of their training facilities in four locations across North America. Students were able to attend in New York, California and Bellingham and Olympia in Washington State. We look forward to additional trainings to enhance the knowledge base of our growing Passive House community. This includes expanding the base of qualified trainers and certifiers for North America.