Since welcoming CanPHI to the Network in May of 2013, we recognized that our name was limited, and perhaps too regional.  A driving impetus for the formation of the Network was to create an inclusive organization that had room to welcome allorganizations operating across North America, working to promote the Passive House Standard.  After a brief discussion at our monthly leadership roundtable, we unanimously agreed to change our name to the “North American Passive House Network.”  We updated our logo to reflect this name change – and we’ve chosen colors that we hope will be attractive to our friends on the southern tip of our continent.  Viva Casa Passiva Mexico!?  (When you’re up and running, we’ll be recruiting you next.)

We timed our name- and logo-change to coincide with the Passive House North 2013Conference.  Our new NAPHN booth will host an INNOVATION ZONE within the conference Trade Show.  Make sure to stop by and for a ‘sneak preview’ of a few items that are not yet on the market.  Our booth will also host Faith Morgan and Pat Murphy of Community Solutions.  Their latest documentary, “Passive House: A Building Revolution” has just been released.  It will be screened in Vancouver during the conference.  We’re very excited to help them to promote this important film.