Net Zero Energy Buildings: Passive +Renewables

Everyone talks about Net Zero and more and more people are talking about Passive House.   Net Zero Energy Buildings: Passive House + Renewables demonstrates that the Passive House pathway is the best way to reach Net Zero.   The international Passive House Standard makes extremely comfortable, durable, healthy and affordable buildings in a growing array of shapes and uses: apartments, schools, even a dental clinic.  All use very little energy.  By optimizing and lowering energy demand, these buildings become the most sensible Net Zero candidates.  Many of the buildings shown in the book have incorporated renewables to become net zero and others are net zero capable.

The book was written and edited by Mary James of Low Carbon Productions and produced by Tad Everhart of CertiPHiers Cooperative, in collaboration with NAPHN and the Passive House Institute.  The projects are noted as Beacons – leading the way.  As well there is a chapter on Leading Regions which span from Tyrol Austria, to New York to Vancouver, British Columbia.  There is a primer on Passive House as well as a clear explanation of why Passive House is the ideal foundation for Net Zero Energy Buildings, ending with the most important reason of all:

“10.  With Passive House as a basis for all Net Zero Energy Buildings – and energy-plus buildings – the energy revolution is possible, and we can avoid catastrophic climate change!”

In the words of New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, Passive House is an activist notion. We hope these examples will inspire you, your city, and your region to action.