PHN PHribbon: Embodied Carbon Calculator

The NAPHN PHribbon is an embodied carbon calculator and empowers Passive House designers to calculate the embodied carbon of a given design within the PHPP energy balance calculating tool – giving users unparalleled power to forecast the carbon emissions impact of the design.

In addition, the NAPHN PHribbon makes using PHPP quicker, easier and it uses the existing information beyond just energy. It’s written by Tim Martel, a Certified Passive House Designer, Chartered Architectural Technologist and expert and produced by the AECB.

If you want your building designs to maximize positive climate impact, don’t just build a Passive House, but utilize the NAPHN PHribbon and let’s push for carbon negative buildings!

The NAPHN version of PHribbon is for the USA and using the US IP units version of PHPP. The NAPHN PHribbon Embodied CO2 module utilizes information from the Building Transparency EC3 database, and EPA CO2 figures for electricity, the end of life of materials, and the end of life pathway.

The NAPHN PHribbon is starting beta usage this summer of 2021.