International Passive House Open Days Welcomes Visitors
Around The World November 5-7 To Witness Effective Climate Action

The global event demonstrates the Passive House methodology that slashes carbon emissions commensurate the #COP26 goals – featuring a wide spectrum of buildings across the US from an office tower in Boston MA, to a single-family home in Berkeley CA.

The Passive House Network (PHN) is participating in a global building energy event, called the International Passive House Open Days. Over three days Passive House buildings will be open to the public, to experience first hand the qualities of Passive House building that sets them apart and delivers dramatic cuts in energy consumption and carbon emissions, while providing unsurpassed comfort, healthy indoor air quality and affordability.

“People are understandably skeptical of the impressive performance claims made by Passive House practitioners, and too often supporting data leaves people unmoved,” said Ken Levenson, Executive Director of PHN. “That’s why this event is so important, so that everyone can see it and experience it for themselves, speak to building owners and get the unvarnished story, the personal story.”

Across the US projects will open – in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, California and more. 

The first Passive House office tower in the US, Winthrop Center, now under construction in downtown Boston, will have a hard-hat tour Friday morning, November 5th.

In Colorado, Saturday, November 6th, there is a regional tour consisting of five projects – ending with a social, hosted by Emu and 475 High Performance Building Supply, in Littleton.

The event in the US will also include an online live virtual tour hosted by the Passive House Accelerator, on Friday, November 5th at 2 PM ET – to help kick things off. The tour will feature Michael Ingui and Amy Failla of Baxt Ingui Architects and Kevin Brennan of Brennan Brennan Air Sealing and Insulation, doing a walk-through of a historic masonry retrofit in mid-construction.

Bronwyn Barry, Chair of PHN, principal of the firm PassiveHouseBB, and host of a project tour in Sebastopol California, added, “Passive House is the one building strategy that delivers the emissions reductions that are desperately needed to help avoid climate catastrophe –  and when visitors experience a Passive House, they get it.”

More projects are being added each day across the country and around the world. Find out more: