A 3D Passive House Tour

With Open Days upon us, we hope you’ll take some time this weekend to check out one of our many participating locations opening their doors from November 10th to 12th, but if you aren’t able to make a trip, we invite you to participate from the comfort of your own home!

You might remember that a couple weeks ago, we highlighted a video on Certification Tips from a Passive House Certifier, featuring a great presentation from Matt Bowers from AUROS Group. His presentation took you through common mistakes in working with your certifier, as well as financial incentives that may be able to take advantage of through your state or utility. Matt is also behind our On-Demand 3D Passive House tour, and you take a look at it right now!

Containing lots of notes and links to videos throughout a variety of spots around the house, this 3D tour will take you through the various stages of building and advantages of living in a Passive House. You can check out clips demonstrating the noise reduction and explaining how the heat pump works, and blog posts about the window installation and blower door testing. Through it all, you can admire the lovely interior decorations and architectural design.

Check out the tour here!

We also invite you to tune into the Online Live Walkthrough on Sunday to see the Karon Residence EnerPHit in Livingston, Montana. If you’re in the area, feel free to drop by. Either way, you can RSVP here to join in the fun.

Whether you’re joining in-person or online to any of our Open Days events, we encourage you to ask questions, make connections, and take photos! We’ll be following along with the hashtag: #iPHopendays. From all of us at The Passive House Network, we hope you have a great weekend celebrating 20 years of International Passive House Open Days, and an extra special thank you to active duty military and veterans.

(And we hope you don’t mind if we remind you that we offer financial incentives on our CPHD training to veterans–as well as students, educators, non-profit & public employees, and BIPOC individuals. As we say, high quality education and buildings–for everyone!)