The Weekend View:

Emu Video Series on Building Standards Reports

We’ve spent lots of time this week diving into Emu Passive’s latest reports on building standards. Written by Emu Co-Founder Enrico Bonilauri, Building Standards and the accompanying addendum, Appendix B, California Results is a thorough analysis comparing the ability of 12 different building standards to deliver consistent performance on comfort, indoor air quality, durability, heating and cooling loads, and energy efficiency. The Appendix includes a closer look at 11 single-family homes built to Passive House standards in a variety of climate zones throughout California.

If you’re like us, you’re probably ecstatic to have a comprehensive resource like this, but if you still haven’t caught up on your reading, don’t worry. Emu Passive has created a video series to walk you through the report. Broken up into digestible videos, the series allows you to watch Enrico guide you through his findings at your own pace.

You can start the series by playing the video below, and you can find the complete playlist here.

As Enrico tells us in his walkthrough, we spend over 90% of our time indoors, and the buildings we live and work in have a direct impact on our health. The average American family spends 13 years in a house before they move again, underscoring how important it is to make sure that we build our buildings to the highest possible standards so we can ensure safe, healthy, efficient housing for all. The good news is that we know PHI Passive House standards can deliver those results. Emu’s research has found that (spoiler alert!) Passive Building standards outperformed all other building standards in terms of comfort, indoor air quality, durability, and operational energy efficiency.

The other good news is that, if you want to learn how to design buildings that meet this standard, we have the course for you. Our Winter CPHD training will be here before you know it, with cohorts based in the Atlantic (for students in Eastern & Central time zones) and Pacific (for students in Mountain & Pacific time zones). Courses begin on January 18th, but you can register now for immediate access to materials so you show up ready to learn on day one.

We know what the best building standards are, and we know how to build to meet them. You can too. Become a CPHD and lay the foundation for a legacy of safe, healthy, energy efficient buildings. Register now.