Supporting Students

NAPHN understands that the future of our building industry will be defined by today’s students and their teachers. We also appreciate the profound awareness students today have of our interlocking environmental, health and social crises – and that students are looking for ways to have a meaningful and positive impact.

We believe Passive House offers a powerful tool to connect design decisions with impactful outcomes that can truly help change the character of our built environment, to be a core solution. Consequently, we want to invest in connecting students and faculty with Passive House knowledge and practice. We want to connect them to knowledge networks, opportunities and help put them on a path to future leadership. Please consider these opportunities.


  • Discounted Membership: Students can join NAPHN for the low price of $15. With membership, you have access to a global network of Passive House knowledge sharing.
  • Discounted Training: With the $15 membership, students are eligible for a wide variety of discounted training worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Discounted Conference Registration: Students and faculty can get a 75% discount on the 2021 NAPHN Conference registration.
  • Student Network: Student members of NAPHN can help lead a student-focused chapter of NAPHN – and support the drive for real market transformation. (currently being formulated)

If you’re a student or faculty member we ask you to join us, and help spread the word.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]