“exceedingly successful” – ”Next Level!” – ”PH2020 Virtual Conference has responded to COVID19 with lightning speed, effectively…couldn’t ask for more!” – ”Inspiring!” – “This format is so much smarter for these times.” – “…and so very close to my desk – I’ll be there again next Wednesday” – “…if you have not registered you should.” – “An exceedingly successful re-imagining of the industry conference experience” – “a 10 out of 10” – “You don’t want to miss it.”

As hosts, PH2020-Day 1 was nerve-racking and exhilarating. From the opening tutorial on using the chat to the closing of public school elementary students explaining Passive House principles, it was a 3-hour rush of adrenaline – and it felt good. Yet we needed to hear from a cross-section of the audience to see if our sense of it was misplaced. 

24-hours later we have the feedback and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! 

A representative selection of gems include:

“An exceedingly successful re-imagining of the industry conference experience.” – Alexander Eney, LM Development Partners

“I did a conference last week that ran 3 days straight, 11 to 6 and this format is so much smarter for these times, not long enough to get zoom fatigue and you can actually get other work done during the week, brilliant template for a virtual conference, although I miss beer” – Lloyd Alter, Treehugger

“PH2020 Virtual Conference has responded to COVID19 with lightning speed, effectively; while still providing expert-led conversations. Interactive, informative, and fact-based… couldn’t ask for more!” – Eddy Voltaire, CPHT

“A great start to the first large virtual conference on Passivhaus. It opened up new horizons and possibilities. I suddenly felt that the Passivhaus community is so close whilst geographically so far apart. This can only create a more sustainable future globally.” – Kirsten Priebe, Passivhaus Trust UK

“Great start to the conf. @PassiveHouseBB  Good presentations & dialogue w/ colleagues….always nice to see @lloydalter in the audience…you just know he’ll be “callin’ em as he sees em”…For those following, if you have not yet registered you should – great format – good value” – Robert Bean, Healthy Heating

“AMAZING JOB today. It was next level! …Such rich conversation! Looking forward to participating as a presenter.” – Andrew Peel, Peel Passive House

“Inspiring experts, impressive projects, and so very close to my desk – I’ll be there again next Wednesday.” – Juergen Schnieders, Passive House Institute

“Overall I give this Virtual Conference a 10 out of 10. I think it was quite clever to compress the recordings down to a fast-paced, no down-time presentation, in effect acknowledging the value of the conference attendees’ time. In fact, it went so fast that I do really need to review several segments.  I look forward to seeing it again on-demand.” – Bob Kreger, Kreger Design Build

“Day 1 of the NAPHN 2020 conference was an exceptional experience.  One got the sense that they were part of an engaged community, with the ability to interact in real-time with session presenters.  Initially, I thought there might be drawbacks to an online format, but now I hope that this can be a template for future NAPHN conferences.  Thank you!” – Jeremy Greene, AIA + CPHC

 “The 2020 passive house conference is an amazing event where you will have the opportunity to learn, grow and engage. You don’t want to miss it.” – Edie Dillman, B Public Performance Prefab

And while we could go on and on with a great sense of satisfaction, of course, there were also many great suggestions for improvement and we are happy to work to make PH2020 better and better in the weeks ahead.

Join us and find out for yourself!