Then and Now

The upcoming International Passive House Open Days are happening from November 10-12, and if you’re like us, you’re buzzing with excitement. One of the great things about #iPHopendays is that projects can be a part of the fun in a variety of stages. A participating location near you might only just be finishing up the wall assemblies, or it could be standing strong and finished for years. Finished or in-progress, Passive House buildings in any stage can be a great teaching tool, and it’s even more helpful when you can take a look at a project throughout its journey.

Lucky for us, there are a few projects out there that we’ve had the honor of looking at through a variety of stages, and one of those projects is Millhaus, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Millhaus is a single-family home located on the site of a former cherry mill, and it takes lots of inspiration from the site’s history. Designed and constructed by Greg Fisher from Greg D. Fisher, Architect, with the assistance of many others, Millhaus focuses on design solutions that are in harmony with the typical health, comfort, and performance benefits that a Passive House provides, creating an elegance that unites aesthetics and function. Back in the summer of 2021, we were able to get an inside look at the thought process, challenges, and solutions that Greg deployed during construction. Check out the video to see how it all came together.

Millhaus will be opening its doors during #iPHopendays, which means you’ll have the chance to see the finished product up close and personal. You can also get a sneak preview of what you’ll see on the tour by taking a look at our recently compiled Millhaus Case Study sheet, which has all of the building science stats you’ve been wondering about. Stay tuned for more case studies, and don’t forget to check out our International Passive House Open Days participating locations, with more spots being added every day. Get a head start on planning your Passive House road trip—and don’t forget to take some photos! We can’t wait to see them.