Nathan Trick
Owner/ Designer
Eco-Designs for Life

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601 3rd Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80501
Single Family Residential
Brief Description

We are a husband-and-wife team who have been working in the fields of architecture and landscape design for over 20 years. We enjoy our work, and find meaning in creating a special place for each individual homeowner. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, our thoughtful designs, and in listening attentively to our clients’ needs.
At Eco-Designs for Life, we are committed to creating architecture and landscape designs that appropriately address our clients’ requirements, while also minimizing environmental impacts. A home and property designed with nature, rather than against it, can reduce energy use, increase self-sufficiency, and be supportive of our native ecosystems.
A landscape that is appropriately designed for our locale can support native pollinators and wildlife, more efficiently slow, capture, and clean rainwater runoff, reduce the need for additional watering, more efficiently clean the air and produce oxygen, sequester carbon, and improve our own well-being in the process!
We believe that by caring for the environment is also the best way to care for ourselves.
Contact us to begin your journey into a more environmentally congruent lifestyle.