Mike Ma
Morrison Zhu Goodman Realty Group LLC

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818 RITTER PLACE, BRONX, New York 10459
Single Family Residential, Multifamily Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Mixed-Use, Industrial
Brief Description

Real Estate Developers, Builders and Consultants.

Specialize in Finance, Regulatory, Legal, Tax (Including Green Credits), Advance Construction Methodologies, Novel Material Applications/Assemblies, Green/Fortified Construction (All Trades Including Deep Rock Excavation), OffGrid Solutions, Micro-grid Design and Application, Construction Management (On and Off Site), A/E Consulting (Including for Passive House Institute Germany), Permaculture/Sustainable Agriculture and Owners Representative.

We continue to develop and invest in our Patent portfolio, our first Patent was awarded in 2021 with 3 Patents (Affordable High R Insulation, Terra Forming & ICF) in the pipeline, dedicated and focused on green technology/methodology in construction and operation of residential or commercial buildings. We offer all of our Patents freely to solution driven entrepreneurs.