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Passive House Windows: Calculating Passive House Windows

Course Overview

The Passive House Windows: Calculating Passive House Details is a specialty course within The Passive House Network’s educational offerings and part of the Passive House Windows course group.

This course will cover the specific design, modeling, and calculations required to implement passive house windows successfully. This course is intended for design professionals and Certified Passive House Consultants. The course will begin with an overview of the certification process for Passive house windows. It will cover the basic certification info as well as the PH comfort and health criteria required for certification. Section two in the course will take a broad look at the energy balance equations and how windows relate to the overall energy performance of the building. Then the next three sections will take an in depth look at the specific window calculations for heat loss, thermal bridging, and solar gains. The final section of the course will go into more detail regarding the window energy balance equations, including example calculations and practice problems.  Students should walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how window design and specification relates to the overall energy performance of a building, as well as the tools needed to successfully design fenestration assemblies for PH projects.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Do basic calculations related to windows and air temperature differences including calculating window U-values.
  • Identify the proper placement and installation of high performance windows and the effect it has on the overall Installed U-Value.
  • Describe how to spec and install windows to avoid the risk of mold and condensation
  • Calculate window energy balance
  • Discuss the effect of heat gains through transparent building components and the factors that influence solar energy gains.

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