Introducing the Building Certifier Scope of Services

The scope of services needed to complete building certification by a building Certifier can vary widely depending on project specifics and the experience of the project team. It’s critical that when setting out to achieve certification the range of possible services is considered and decided upon: core services, additional services, and contingencies. Having a clear outline of the scope can help consumers when speaking with several potential Certifiers.

We encourage Passive House customers and Certifiers to use this Scope of Services template to clarify the process and the fees associated with the work. Consumers, Certifiers, and the projects will benefit if proposals can be compared apples-to-apples.

More information can be found about building certification, and the North American Certifiers Circle and its participants here.

This guidance was made possible by Sarah Lewis and the Passivhaus Trust, who shared their work and allowed PHN to adapt it to the North American market. Contributions were made by the members of the North American Certifiers Circle and the Passive House Institute. This document was compiled and edited by Ken Levenson at The Passive House Network.

Download the Guidance