The pre-conference workshops, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, are the ideal way to take advantage of all the brain power amassed in one spot and time. Take some deep dives, pick brains, meet new amazing people, and connect to strengthen your network. All the topics are essential and led by the best in the business. You can’t go wrong.

Then, after the conference, on Friday, we are planning a great trip to Boulder County to visit six homes in various states of construction and the Alpen window factory! It’s common to hear that some of the best connections were made over the course of the day touring Passive House buildings. Find out what they mean!

Note: A 20% discount code for PHN Members, BIPOC, Veterans, Students, Teachers, and Non-Profit & Public Employees is available upon request. Email: [email protected]

See you in a workshop and on the tours!

The workshops and tours were made possible by the support of:


Incentives, Energy Standards & Future Proofing: A Comparative Analysis with Enrico Bonilauri of Emu Passive

8:15 AM – Noon, Tuesday, October 3

As a growing number of utility and government incentive programs target building energy efficiency standards, it begs the question, how do the standards compare? The metrics evaluated in the analysis include energy savings, resource efficiency, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and resiliency, and the ability to communicate such value is increasingly important. This workshop lays it out and gives you the ability to effectively communicate Passive House value.


Integration of Off-Site in workflows & ICC 1200 Code for NetZero and Passive House Construction with B.Public Prefab

1:30 PM – 5 PM, Tuesday, October 3

A workshop designed for professionals ready to see and experience digital tools, plan set off-site integration, shop drawings, engineering coordination and work with a manufacturer. This will not just be a slide presentation –an interactive discussion to answer real-world questions on how your work can be assisted and improved for design and construction success.


The Multifamily Guide: Best Practices in Conversation with Monte Paulsen and Special Guests

1:30 PM – 5 PM, Tuesday, October 3

The Passive House Network is currently producing a multifamily building guide with Monte Paulsen, a long-time leader in multifamily development in North America. The resource will provide a comprehensive yet succinct guide of actionable items to deliver optimized Passive House buildings to meet the Passive House Standard. In this workshop, get the first peek in, give feedback on what you’d want to see, and chew it all over with Monte and other Passive House leaders.


PHPP10: Discover the Updates and Learn to Highten Optimization with Andrew Peel of Peel Passive House

8:15 AM – Noon, Wednesday, October 4

PHPPv10 has some great new features, but not all of them are straightforward to learn. Spend time with a PHPP expert who has delved deep into the new modeling protocols and summarized them into learning material that is concise, understandable, and readily applied.  A particular focus is on heat pumps, cooling units, and window components.  Practical exercises will provide insight into how to avoid common traps that arise in your everyday practice. This two-part workshop will save you hours of toiling on your own and help ensure your PHPP modeling is accurate and free of those pesky error messages.

Passive House Buildings Tour

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Friday, October 6

The Passive House Buildings Tour will include six single-family homes and the Alpen window factory.  The tour will start promptly at 8:30 AM from the McNichols Civic Building and will return at 5:30 PM. Lunch and transportation will be provided. Note: The tour is only available to registered 2023 conference participants.