A coalition of organizations, groups, and individuals from the architectural, fire science, design, engineering, building, public health and other professions across the U.S., Safer Insulation Solution(SIS) has banded together to lobby for the removal of flame retardants from foam insulation where foam is protected and fire safe by existing code provisions. A proposal has been drafted to create exceptions from the requirement that leads to the use of these toxic chemicals in the upcoming 2015 IRC. The long term strategy, developed through the SIS coalition, is based on addressing this issue through progressive changes in building codes, in order to open the market to the introduction of non-flame-retarded plastic foam insulation and eventually, to shift US practice into alignment with European practice, where flame-retarded foam is a specialty product and the norm is for plastic foam insulation to be free of halogenated flame retardant chemicals.

The American Passive House Network supports this effort.  Members are encouraged to help by:
· Signing the petition to include exceptions in the code:http://saferinsulation.greensciencepolicy.org/code-change-resolution/

· Making a donation to the Development Center for Appropriate Technology athttp://www.dcat.net/support_dcat/index.php

· Testify in Dallas at the IRC Code Development Hearings on or about April 27 – For more information, contact Laura Bartels at [email protected] or 970-379-6779.

Learn more at http://saferinsulation.greensciencepolicy.org/