The PHMN Chapter (Passive House Minnesota) recently conducted a 1-week Certified Passive House Tradesperson in Minneapolis. This was the first NAPHN passive house training event in the area and the first Certified Passive House Tradesperson training to boot, all organized with the robust support of PHMN. It was amazing to see all the chapter members work together to set goals and establish a vision, then undertake specific tasks to put together a cohesive event for the attendees. NAPHN thanks PHMN for their tremendous hard work and resiliency, we are proud to have you in our community.

Mike Woolsey from Swegon showing the filters from one of their air handler units.

Participants not only had 30+ hours of classroom training, they also took a field trip to witness a in person blower-door test, and met with several passive house product vendors for extra hands-on training.

As a result of hosting the training, PHMN members were able to connect with new people interested in promoting the Passive House concept together in Minnesota. Training is the first step to educating those in the industry and we look forward to offering more opportunities for the community.

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