5 Reasons to Hire a Passive House Certifier & Get Your Building Certified

The North American Certifiers Circle (NACC) certification provides many benefits to the developer, designer, consultant, builder, owner, and others.

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#1 Independent Review

Review services provided by a certifier are separate and distinct from those of a Passive House consultant or designer. This ensures an independent and objective assessment as well as additional quality assurance that benefits all parties involved.

#2 Avoid False Starts

By working with a certifier from the start of the project the project can benefit from the experience and institutional knowledge of the certifier, avoiding rookie mistakes that need to be later undone.

#3 Professional Development for Teams

The review of energy calculations and design and construction documentation through the lens of experts in high-performance building allows other members of the project team to gain a new perspective.

#4 Assurance for the Project Team

Consultants, designers, and builders alike can breathe easier knowing their energy calculations and related details have been double-checked before construction begins.

#5 Cost Control

We have established that the biggest driver of additional costs for Passive House is the experience or inexperience of the project team. No one has more experience than the building certifiers. Consequently the four reasons above work together to help contain costs and meet your budget. 

Bonus Reason: 14 Certifiers to Choose From!

US Based

CertiPHiers Cooperativewww.certiphiers.comEmuwww.emu.systemsHome Energy Serviceswww.green-mann.comSteven Winter Associateswww.swinter.com

Canada Based

Mizu Passive House Consultingwww.mizupassivehouse.comPeel Passive House Consultingwww.peelpassivehouse.caRDH Building Science Inc.www.rdh.comStich Consulting & Designstichpassivedesign.com

Europe Based

Herz & Langwww.herz-lang.deMead LTDwww.meadconsulting.co.ukPassive House Academywww.passivehouseacademy.comPassive House Institutepassivehouse.com/Praxiswww,praxis-rb.com Zephir Passivhaus Italiapassivhausitalia.com/

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