2015 was a successful year of growth for NAPHN.  Growth in membership and growth in the resources and cooperative effort of the network.  Some highlights include:


At the start of 2015, the first cooperative membership dividends were disbursed to our founding member regions – what we hope will be the first of an ongoing tradition.

The Website:

Website 2.0: Early in 2015 NAPHN launched a redesigned website.  Our new format will allow us to expand and grow and house additional resources and links to support our regional members.

The Dinner:

In April, there was a sizable delegation from North America attending the International Passive House conference in Leipzig, Germany.  We were particularly proud that PHI chose to honor Canadian Harold Orr, as a Passive House Pioneer at the conference.   The tradition of closing night NAPHN Dinner grew again in it’s 5th year, organized by André Harrmann of CanPHI West.  elped the NAPHN host another successful Dinner in Leipzig as part of the International Passive House Conference.

The Window Workshops:

In the Fall leading up to the NAPHN15 conference, NAPHN hosted a series of successful Advanced Passive House Window Certification Workshops in Madison, Toronto and Vancouver in collaboration with PHI and our regional member organizations, to boost local manufacturer uptake.

The Book:

Net Zero Energy Buildings – Passive House + Renewables  is the first comprehensive publication to showcase North American Passive House projects.  Published in print and ebook format, in collaboration with Mary James of Low Carbon Productions, Tad Everhart and Leanne Maxwell, this is the first of what will be many more NAPHN publications.


NAPHN membership base expanded to include Ontario, Quebec and Western PA in 2015, bring the total number of groups to 7 representing a combined membership of over 1,000 individuals.  We’re looking forward to welcoming additional member regions in 2016.  If you are forming a Passive House group and want to join a cooperative effort, please let us know (email [email protected]).

The Conference:

More than 400 participants and sponsors attended NAPHN15, our second trans-­continental conference, hosted by CanPHI West in Vancouver. The conference was followed by the first PedalHaus tour in North America.  NAPHN16 is planned for New York City in June – find out more here.

The Resources:

NAPHN is looking to develop a comprehensive library of resources for the North American market.  In addition to inhouse efforts like the website, books, workshops and conferences, NAPHN will highlight important work by others.  One such resource is a publication developed for NAPHN15 by the Pembina Institute:  Market transformation for passive design: Barriers, solutions, and summary of supportive policies in North America.  This document was designed as a ‘living document.’  We hope Pembina will continue their support of the Passive House movement by updating it periodically.  And NAPHN looks forward to providing many resources going forward.


Building on the momentum of 2015, NAPHN seeks to grow efforts in some critical ways:

NAPHN16, hosted by NY Passive House will be held June 13th and 14th in NYC.  Presentation submissions are due January 15th.  Find out more here.

Mission to Brussels: NAPHN will host another official visit to the Brussels Region in collaboration with the Passive House Academy.

PHFA Task Force:  A committee is being formed to help Tim McDonald with his ongoing Passive House advocacy initiative, the PHFA Project with affordable housing finance agencies across North America. (see pdf presentation on PHFA project here)

Publications:  There will be another book published to coincide with NAPHN16.   There will also be an adaptation of the NYPH Developer’s Guide to a continental audience.  And much more…

Strategic Plan:  The NAPHN board is working to develop longer term goals and plans.  We look to our member regions to provide input to their own Director representatives as to how NAPHN may better assist them.

NAPHN looks forward to working with all stakeholders in building a strong and vibrant Passive House industry across North America in 2016.  Happy New Year!