Co-Creation is the production of insights and meaning in conversation. Your conversations drive your processing power and make information more accessible, actionable, and valuable.

At PH2020 you’ll find the strong program you expect from NAPHN with the best information, the most relevant advice, and your peers’ powerful stories demonstrating their journeys. But now, you can also be an active participant in knowledge sharing and production, no longer relegated, as a passive audience member, with a brief window of Q&A and clipped discussion.

Co-Creation is possible because PH2020 is released from the bounds of live in-person sequential time. The program is prerecorded and the conversations happen simultaneously with the session broadcast. Now, during every moment of every session, you can ask questions, discuss, and probe, with the speakers and each other, while getting further explanations and links to resources and other relevant information, joined in discussion with other topic experts – producing crowdsourced added value. 

And that’s not all: Not only will you have access to the recordings after the conference, the conference conversations will also be used to develop extended and richer resources for conference participants following the event, including three e-books devoted to the series of Owners Roundtable sessions.

The program is spaced over six weeks for comfort and it’s co-created for high-performance information processing. With your participation, we will make new and powerful pathways forward. Join us! Register Today!